The part you each played in my sister’s story

My oldest sister Kate was born severely handicapped. August 2017 was an amazing month for her as she has finally moved out of home and it’s all thanks to you! Let me explain…

My oldest sister Kate was born severely handicapped. Arriving into the world with the brain capacity of an unborn, she has never spoken a word in her life and has always relied on our family for her day to day living.

My Mother was told that Kate wouldn’t live past 5 years of age and last year she turned 38; a testament to the great care she has received. August 2017 was an amazing month for Kate as she has finally moved out of home and it’s all thanks to you! Let me explain…

As you might have heard, in the 2017 Federal Budget, the Government increased the Medicare levy by 0.5% to ensure that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) could have appropriate funding.

I did not read or hear one rejection of the idea in the days that followed that Budget announcement. Fast forward a few months and because of that funding, Kate received full approval to move into a beautiful home with 3 other handicapped girls (and two carers).

She now has her own pad away from Mum which is great for her, and my Mum now has the freedom she so deserves. It’s great that we can pick Kate up and spend time with her whenever we want, although she has a pretty busy social calendar with all the wonderful Government programs she is a part of; pretty impressive for someone who can’t talk!

The best thing about the NDIS is that it puts the disabled (and families) into a position where they can choose the most appropriate services for their needs. This means that if the care or services they are receiving aren’t up to scratch, they can simply move on and find a better provider. This is a fundamental shift of accountability onto carers to provide great care and get paid well to do it (Australian Unity released an ad late last year pointing to this change in approach which I really enjoyed).

I love how such a small, almost undetectable change in each of our lives can make such a profound difference to others.

So on behalf of my family, my sister and I we would like to say; thank you! Your tiny sacrifice has literally changed the lives of Kate and our family.

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