The 4 habits of our most successful clients

If we look over all of our clients’ portfolios and bank accounts, we can see who is doing amazingly well, and a few stand out ‘head and shoulders’ above the rest.

But what are these families doing differently to others? Matt and I sat down and discussed what separates the ‘great results’ from the ‘good results’. We believe it comes down to 4 key habits.

You’ll be surprised to know that none of them relate to their income! We have a number of clients earning ordinary incomes and getting extraordinary results, because they have the right balance of these four patterns of behaviour.


1. They take action

These are the clients who don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk (even when life gets busy or it’s inconvenient to prioritise their finances). This may be a strong statement but clients need to make inroads into their strategy and while we can take the lead on this, it ultimately lies with you to turn our recommendations into reality by taking action.

Ask yourself, is the amount of energy you’ve given your finances over the last few months consistent with how important they are to you?


2. They listen to advice

We can’t be experts in everything and most of you have chosen to work with a Financial Adviser because it’s a part of your life you want someone to help you with (kudos for making that decision!). But once you start working with an expert, you need to be ready and willing to listen, to learn, to occasionally change your perspective and then move confidently forward with a strategy because you have listened and understood.  But it can be hard to go on this journey if we put our guard up and resent someone else telling us what to do (don’t worry, we all do this in different situations!).

Perhaps you may need to be a bit brave and trust us to do what is best for you. We work with multiple families and we understand and come across every type of scenario; there’s a strong chance we’ve seen your problem before and know how to solve it.

Do you sometimes get defensive when given advice on what to do next when it comes to money? If so, consider whether this is coming from a rational place or an emotional place. When it comes to money the former is often more useful than the latter.

3.They trust the process

As all of you who work with us know, the financial world can be slow and no decision is made without careful consideration or multiple sign-offs from experts. These processes are in place to safeguard you, which should help ease your mind, but know that we only let things be slow when it’s in your best interests for them to be that way! There are a lot of ‘get rich quick schemes’ out there (or even ‘get insurance quick schemes’) but these are often designed for a quick sale with no real long-term benefit to the person ‘buying them’. As a wise person once said “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”.

Getting on top of your finances is a slow process and that’s why so few people have got on top of them! Playing the long game and deploying patience is often a recipe for real success.


4. They leave their comfort zone

Now we’re not telling you to take crazy big risks here (we are huge believers in getting rich slow!). But in order for tomorrow to be better than today, we often need to leave our comfort zone. And that can be a bit scary and a bit exciting at the same time. But making fundamental changes in your financial life should feel scary because these are huge plays on the board and a lot rides on them but it is so exciting when you realise you have made a move that will be a game changer for you 10/20 years down the track! Being courageous in moving forward is a must, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first.

If you’re feeling unenthused with your finances and what they’re building towards, it might be time to sit down with us for a review. Money is designed to be an enabler for happiness! If you’ve lost that excitement, we might need to refocus on what happiness means for you right now and how we can help you get there.

The final word

At the end of the day, a huge element of all of these characteristics is your trust.

When making decisions about huge parts of your life and needing to stick to it for the long term, it’s important you trust the people holding your hand. You have to work with someone you believe in, who knows what they’re talking about and who genuinely has your family’s best interests at heart.

We don’t take on all clients that come to us. While we won’t turn anyone away without careful thought and consideration, we know that not all clients are right for us. But if we are working together, it’s because we care about you and your family and see your financial potential. Ultimately, your success in life is our success.

We hope you have all had a cracking start to the year and we look forward to catching up again soon.

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