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To incite means ‘to stir, to encourage or to take action’ and this is what we do for others.

Most people’s lives only represent the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible for them. We stand behind our clients to provide clarity, encouragement and forward motion so they can achieve the life they want.

We believe that clarity, followed by action, is power.

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • “When we started our financial journey together about 2 years ago, I could never have believed that we would achieve so much in such a short time – particularly with so much happening in our personal lives. Not only have you helped us sort out our finances and put us on a solid wealth creation path, but you have sorted out all of our insurances, our wills, powers of attorney etc., which we simply didn’t have time to organise ourselves. Now that we have a little one in the mix, it is even more important to ensure that our financial future is secure and we feel very confident with the plan you have developed for us based on our own aspirations, your expertise and our progress to-date. You’re also a great and honest guy which makes working with you a joy. And what’s more, you babysat our little bub at our last meeting so that we could both fully focus on the discussion – now that’s going above and beyond!”
    Mel & Jase

  • “Matt is a money genius. He helped my partner and myself figure out a tough financial situation due to a personal illness, and come up with an arrangement that not only are we super happy with, allows us to live a normal life whilst putting structures in place for our future. He worked with us with great compassion, insight and technical know-how. Amazing and surprisingly easy experience for us for our first financial counselling experience!”
    Caitlin & James

  • “Matt and the team at Incite Wealth offer an approachable friendly service that creates a trusting environment. I feel much more secure about my family’s future and am thankful for the assistance Incite Wealth has and continues to provide. Can’t thank you enough.”

  • “The guys from incite wealth changed our lives. Matt helped my husband and myself to achieve our goals and enabled us to put things in place to create our family that we dreamed of. Matt has literally become a good mate who we can trust and can always count on to give us advice to better our finances. I cannot recommend him and his team enough… AMAZING!”
    Jess & Ed

  • “My experience with Matt at Incite has been absolutely fantastic. He’s pulled me out of the debt I was in and now I have 2 investment properties all in the space of a little over 2 years. Cash flow is now not an issues and my super has increased substantially. I especially like the way he sets short and long term goals. I get the feeling whenever I meet with Matt that he genuinely cares about his clients and takes a vested interest in making sure my future and retirement days are setup financially.”

  • “A great company. I have been impressed with the professional way Incite Wealth run their company. Matt has handled my affairs well and I have every confidence in him. I love the way he is prepared to come to your home instead of me having to travel all the way into town. He is dealing with my whole family and they are very happy with him.”

  • “The team at Incite Wealth changed our life. We thought that we would never see the day where we would buy a house? That day is going to come true now because of the patience and guidance of the fantastic team! They make it easy and simple to understand and can work through any area of finically services. Glad we found Incite Wealth and the team!”

  • “Matt and the team have given nothing but great service and advice. Matt has done an incredible job in helping me reach my investment goals and look forward to the future. I couldn’t recommend Incite more!”

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We have developed an extensive collection of eBooks for you. They cover a number of areas, helping you get your head around your options in the sometimes confusing world of personal finance.


We regularly write articles covering what’s happening at Incite Wealth and inside the finance world. Feel free to take a look around and find something that piques your interest.

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